Heroes of Panto: Angus Milner

F.A.O. Kirstin McVicar – The Drumfeld Gazette

Dear Kirstin,

I enjoyed your article, ‘Forgotten Stars of the Drumfeld Panto’: I hope that you’ll forgive my correction.

The actor identified as Francis Kemp is, in fact, the late Angus Milner: neither, I suspect, would thank you for the mistake!

Angus was an occasional contributor to Lomond Sound’s Business Time, but he’s best remembered for an appearance on Dragon’s Den on which he failed to convince the panel to invest in his Pacifier – a muzzle for obstreperous and badly-behaved children. Despite insisting that the Pacifier was “100% safe”, Angus struggled to escape the association with child cruelty – a stigma about which he became increasingly depressed.

His casting in the 2008’s production of Peter Pan (as Hook) might have presented an opportunity of redemption; unfortunately, he was ill suited to such a prominent role and humorous references to the Pacifier alienated the audience. After each performance, he was vociferously booed, a judgement that, according to friends, precipitated a rapid and terminal decline; his last years were blighted by alcoholism, though occasional appearances on Business Time revealed a self-effacing humour, sadly predicated on the single blunder that defined his life.


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