The Heckler


Night of the Demon

My commiserations to Griffin Reed, a.k.a The Dark Maestro, who is recovering from wounds inflicted by owls at the Lomond Sound Roadshow. Mrs Walker, a witness to the horror, apportions responsibility to the Rare Bird Trust: the volunteers charged with controlling the owls were teenagers and, in the opinion of many observers, ‘completely inadequate to the task..’

To date, I’m told, the organisation has only sent a ‘get well’ card, signed by ‘Ollie’ and decorated with pieces of twig. This is all well and good, but clothes don’t repair themselves and Mr Reed’s fez, badly torn in the assault, is more than a daft affectation -– it was once owned by George Zucco! (Not, admittedly, the only second hand item in the Dark Maestro’s repertoire – his stories, I suspect, were cribbed from E.F. Benson and M.R. James, but under the circumstances, that critique is best delayed.)

N.B. As an interesting footnote, the archive produces a faded clipping from the Drumfeld Gazette dated 1982: the story describes a children’s party at which guests were attacked by an agitated parrot. Most of the victims escaped with minor pecks and abrasions; only one boy suffered a more significant injury, tripping on a paving stone and breaking a wrist while attempting to flee. His name -– Griffin Reed.

Hugh Walker